inspirations from warren buffett, skylar fang, john trump, jema arizona, chris robin, emily flecher, judy gust, frank murphy, lilyn cheekawood, megan barry, and abbey wood

poetry and story inn fridays week 64, humor week 31, short story slam week 136


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Image result for valentines day adventure  dora and boots

Image result for valentines day adventure


young, old,

joy, friendship,

good things could go better

if you reject a bottle of wine

if non-smoking

then no foggy air

a clear water

lots of swimming ducks


Image result for swimming ducks

Image result for swimming ducks

hyde park poetry week 94, poetry and story inn fridays week 64

kate and william

kate and williams

princess ava poppy


huangying bird

poets rally blooms well


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a poem by  Langston Hughes

So since I’m still here livin’,
I guess I will live on.
I could’ve died for love—
But for livin’ I was born

Though you may hear me holler,
And you may see me cry—
I’ll be dogged, sweet baby,
If you gonna see me die.

     Life is fine!      Fine as wine!      Life is fine!


short story slam week 133,

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Image result for university of otago new zealand


we imagine things
we invent stories
which is why we go flying
all over the world

nice poetry

Letters to Alyssa    letters to Alyssa

Troubadour   Troubadour by Laura Watts

Catching Waves in a Moonlit Moscow Harbor  Riika,


Poems On Crissie Nicely  lori webster

He Aiqun, Is She Okay?   he aiqun

hyde park poetry week 93,poetry and story inn fridays week 60, poetry potluck week 54

Image result for christmas food

Christmas dinner

Image result for jing long tan hotel breakfast  cheese stick at cici’s pizza


Image result for jing long tan hotel breakfast

children enjoy reading a book before bedtime





talking machine

they make life better equipped

hyde park poetry week 93, humor week 27



happy men 沙溢、尼格买提、白凯南

歌曲《快乐男子汉》 表演:沙溢、尼格买提、白凯南

happy men song, by sha yi, ni ge mai ti, and bai kainan

huayang years

music says “flying time”


some people always enjoy singing

tom and jerry

Tom yarbrough and jerry brown, they might enjoy this

poetry and story inn fridays week 57, humor week 25


2019 yuanxiao

scanned023  tom, sheng, and justin

young and charming

秦岚、景甜、古力娜扎 singers

male singers

沙溢、尼格买提、白凯南; singers


dance steps

overwelming claps

the host is generous

the performer is truthful

a game is on

the audience is stimulated

cell phone texts

echoes of drums and gongs

a horn blows aloud

all seem too sweet to ignore

a gala is a good way to spend time


tang yuan

tang yuan is sweet rice balls


jeff and sherry

a comedy is performed by scott and sherry


Image result for 2019年中央广播电视总台元宵晚会《喜气洋洋闹元宵》

zhang keying,


short story slam week 128, humor week 25

颜峰, feng yan

颜回简介   hui yan


晓颜工作室宣传单图片   xiao yan workroom


茶叶毛峰茶展牌  mao feng tea






short story slam week 126

Image result for september flowers

Image result for birthday balloons and flowers


a running mate

paul ryan and donald trump

hilary clinton and kate middleton

they seem great in Madison

a humor is a proposal

which leads us to laughter

we take things easy

we make good omen to our effort

no tears

no cry

but soft breath and gentle rhyming words



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