inspirations from warren buffett, skylar fang, john trump, jema arizona, chris robin, emily flecher, judy gust, frank murphy, lilyn cheekawood, megan barry, and abbey wood

jingle poetry @olive garden poetry picnic week 50, more peace preserving


Image result for peace and summer glittering

Image result for peace and summer glittering

Image result for peace and summer glittering

summer is hot
we remain cool,
the sun is hot
we sit under a shade


* * * * *

children are curious

they ask questions

a peace call is needed for sure

since we must remain certain distance


world peace in may year 8 through jp poetry picnic week 49, short story slam week 115

anne and gloria
donald trump jr., ivanka trump, eric trump, donald trump , they support world peace

lance and jim

sheng and keith


sheng and rebecca


clowns, kiddos,  frogs

toads,  tadpoles, fish

every creature speaks a strong tone


a playful cat

a busy dragon

it seems like they dance themselves

poetry and story inn fridays week 43, poets rally week 90

Image result for newton public library


Image result for newton public library nc

auburn university


cold feet, open space looking

jay slee and joel seligman

they sing over the haunted Weihu Mountain

poets and high technology startups


Image result for baylor university  baylor university, one of the big 12 schools

Image result for baylor university  soccer ball players

Image result for Hinthada University   Hinthada University at Myanmar nation

Image result for zuyd university   zuyd university of Netherlands,

the world is large

we travel online

an internet is helpful to our convienence

the fame is sweet

we take a look at our friends from distance

we find some common ground to make sense



short story slam week 112,poetry form week 14, poets rally week 90

#AtoZChallenge 2019 badge

Related image

Image result for kongregate


Kong and Fong

yang and wang

sometimes a person yells

feel the pain of loss

yet, none of us shall cry for unexpected events

a poem is born

thoughts bloom

beautiful things grow and extend

martha, maureen, malia, sasha,  anna, and janet,

all have improved mood

due to taryn price, trenton passmore, and wilson gremer


short story slam week 110,

Image result for 中华人民共和国物资部   yang youming

Image result for 中华人民共和国物资部

Image result for 中华人民共和国物资部   sun lin


Image result for 物资部英文

章泽天贴出zhang zetian,  与BillGates, news outlet

Image result for 物资部英文

Image result for 物资部英文

bjwzu beijing wuzi university

page's halmark shop


no screaming

no yielding

no quotation

but some word composition

I type a fly

you image a bug

I type a stick

you thought it were a pitch

people take things differently

we know that

we let light in, we let stress out





short story slam week 107, poetry and story inn fridays week 38, poetry picnic week 48: happy velentines day

Image result for happy valentines day from disney

Image result for happy valentines day from disney

Image result for happy valentines day from disney


Image result for happy valentines day from disney

Image result for happy valentines day from disney

Image result for happy valentines day from disney





poetry picnic week 48….

A Scattered Thought On World Peace Factors : WP Business Project #1  infamous mountain, which is a great project on world peace project #1, color interior,

A Scattered Thought on World Peace Factors: World Peace Business Act Project Number One

infamous mountain project #1, bllack and white interior, it provides rich resources


do agree to exercise what we do here,

a free blog at,

do agree to post peaceful poems,

a free uploading at a good place

bob young, fay, david ward, ming gao, qun yan,

they all seem great at reading others

we enjoy lots of poems

we make peace homely through rhyming words

short story slam week 105, poets rally week 88

crestfood  crest food

jerry yang and yahoo  jerry yang, zack mayer

scanned022  sheng and tom Austn, Texas, Bryker woods elementary school,  1999


whiskers wine

wonderful wiard oz  a production

crestfood  crest food

tomleewood  phil bolsta, david packard, well eno, samuel french, steven haydon, they all great writers…


cute, cuter, cutest

good, better, best,

green, greener, greenest

red, redder, reddest

we love colorful words

the way we enjoy authentic poetry

when a poem speaks

we share and take those as a spiritual communication

we agree or let off

without smoke, we become well acknowledged

poems always attract

they become better

if we say “write, writer, and poets” etc.

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