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poetry form week 12, funny bunny fridays week 16, short story slam week 104

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Peter  peter pan story, posted by two epistles through princeton review

great story need to be heard


why do you wine?

why do you escape?

why do you disagree?

why do you feel angry?

why do you think that things are wrong?

why do you block a car in the driveway?

why do you set a record for assuming?

why do you choose to follow the wind?


poetry and story inn fridays week 28, short story slam week 98

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it is about a location,
where distant wisdom roots
and fresh air stirs

where is wu huiqing?

where is wu huilong?

they are near, they are in Macau, gambling with wu jinglong…..

1. Meng Shiyuan 3. joyce wilson 5. peng Xing
2. Liu Yanyu 4. k. d. hurley


long river race

dragon boat race

long river pressure

lovely friends

hummingbird grace

when music is played

kids smile

clouds date

sun ray melts

the world sings poetic grace

short story slam week 96, poetry and story inn fridays week 27

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bow valley




cool attitude

hopeful mindset






poetry loves all of these



sunday whirligag, world peace in may by jingle poetry @olive garden

THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “Bedside Reading” by Marilyn Nelson:welter, quartz, bedside, pocket, moves, daughters, wipe, blossoming, trust, wisdom, shakes, pure

Words will be posted here each Wednesday (most of the time).

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peng chuanqian has fun being a parent

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william shakespears

he redoes poetry

daughters of Henry Bennett moves to pearce

pruning their mind with orchestra

music is heavenly loud

no baby wipes allowed?

just let your free flow go wild

rise beyond Quartz mountain resort singing crowds



poetry and story inn fridays week 21


who is she?
melania trump has many characters,
one of her is like this,
assuring, smiling, confident, and knowing….

praise first lady of America for a change,
a mother to a son,
to a daughter,
to a nation with trillions of civilians


when i agree to post her in the blog

i try to know her as a human

who has profound dedications

and wishes to be a beauty, wisdom, and writer

short story slam week 86

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THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “Brantwood Senilia” by Paul Batchelor:illness, giving, eight, led, dangerous, room, morbid, trance, daylight, care, friends, leave

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Brad Henry, George Bush, both received honor degree from David Schmidly

friends do care

even if daylight turns into dark star lit

giving a led to a dangerous friend could be tough

but David Schmidly and Brian Schmidly, including Janet, anne, Ann all brave

see a code to New Mexico, Idaho, California, Texas, Oregon, Minnesota, and


we win approval of  Morbid lords

forgive J. K. ERowling

forgive Chiang Kaishi  (Jiang Jieshi)

forgive Sun Zhongshan (Sun Yat-Sen)


let’s pray and focus on our own strength

let’s gather energy from the sky and leave illness of our mind alone

we keep walking

we keep smelling our beautiful air


our laughter rings above friends of  David Finegold, Sean Coleman, Jean Kociela, and

Brittnet Tyler….cheese,


short story slam week 83

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Image result for happy valentine's day

Image result for happy valentine's day

alfred nobel

allen chapm,an

case frankwood   case frankwood

auburn university

garad clancy  kaith bailey and steadman upham

Image result for mary clancy  mary clancy

mary fisher  mary fisher


lots of good things fly

higher than our eyes’ reach

Meredith, Lilyn, Bristol, Molly, George, Laura, Barbara, Minow, Melinda, Beryl,

shadow shot sunday 2, short story slam week 78, poetry and story inn fridays week 10

dark night
rains fright
holy spirit
desired guide
if you travel to Dallas, Los Angeles,
you may find a traveler’s booklet,
Tom Bradley is a good Angel,
so does Loyola  Lady Fatima
sheng wu,
he sees some potential in john wong
jiahong wu,
he seems okay with david wright

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