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poetry and story inn fridays week 105, world peace in may, 2021….2012 —>2021

may is world peace month, 

we do celebrate with a great spirit,

2012 —> 2021,  9 years,  10 stops,

How to Be Present and Peaceful When You Can't Stop Thinking
Happy World Environment Day 2018: Theme, Quotes, Poster, Slogan,  Significance, WhatsApp Messages, HD Images | Lifestyle News – India TV
76 Patience Quotes - Inspirational Words of Wisdom
10 Prayers for Patience in All Circumstances

sometimes we need patience

sometiems, we need dilligence,

it takes a city crowd to make a peaceful mood

are you at erase?

are you loving peace?

humor week 70, short story slam week 174

Fort Smith Archives - Talk Business & Politics

This City Is Counting on Trump to Spend Big on Infrastructure

Best trails in Fort Smith, Arkansas | AllTrails

Where to Take Bluebonnet Photos in Fort Worth

hyde park poetry week 103, short story slam week 168,

Mother Teresa 110th Birth Anniversary: 11 Interesting Facts That You  Probably Don't Know About The Renowned Saint | 🙏🏻 LatestLY

Mother Teresa: Saint of the Poor - My Catholic Kids

Mother Goose Rhymes Readers Theatre by LPM Education - issuu

Barney Rhymes with Mother Goose (VHS) | Twilight Sparkle's Retro Media  Library | Fandom
Poetry Friday: In the Library by Charles Simic: slayground — LiveJournal

How To Write Poetry: Five Pieces of Advice from E.E. Cummings – Qwiklit

do read us, we feel proud of lots of inspiring words

The Skirt by Gary Soto: 9780440409243 | Books

Are We There Yet?: Yan, Jingle: 9781458396884: Books

jingle yan, a nice expression to discover through

bluebell books twitter club short story slam week 169, poetry form week 62, poetry and story inn fridays week 62

Chinese zodiac years

April Birth Flowers & Meanings | The Old Farmer's Almanac

Study New York | Welcome To New York : Study New York

wide and long

a path is made

people walk on and on

short story slam week 167

Phillips 66

Phillips 66 Partners

Pinggu 2020 World Leisure Congress Beijing China

pinggu county, Beijing, P. R. China

6pk-Tsingtao Lager Beer, China (330ml) - Woods Wholesale Wine

Tsingtao Beer, Pure Draft | Lagers | Foodtown

chunsheng beer is a typical type of beer of Tsingtao beer

Maotai white wine, Everything Else on Carousell

moutai wine from Guizhou province

Beijing White Liquor - Erguotou

Hongxin doubled brewed wine bottles

Niu Lan Shan Chen Niang Er Guo Tou 牛栏山二锅头白酒 42% | Drinkland

niu lanshan wine

Luxury Hotels & Resorts in Shanghai | The Hongta Hotel, a Luxury Collection  Hotel, Shanghai

Hongta Hotel, shanghai city


bird nest sports stadium, Olympic park of Beijing

lots of good memory

comedy, jokes,

poetry, humor,

birthdays, new year gala,

we eat a lot

we write lots

we have many joy

merry christmas

December Holidays

Google Earth - Apps on Google Play

Puerto Rico cell phone service to be restored by Google balloons | Puerto  Rico | The Guardian

Home - Will Rogers Elementary

LEARN ABOUT WILL | willrogers

RWU will transition to online classes to as precaution against coronavirus  | WJAR

Roger Smith, '77 Sunset Strip' detective and husband of Ann-Margret, dies  at 84 - Los Angeles Times

roger smith

Ann-Margret - Age, Movies & Roger Smith - Biography

ann frank, roger smith, brenda mcdaniel, kudyard kipling, karl marx poetry,

they are great

short story slam week 164

Here's the 2012 and 2004 Presidential Election Maps.....

donald trump wins with votes, red spots, 289

jim carter matches up with blue spots, votes count 261

2020 election map is complicated, do make things GREAT for president trump in the white house….

poetry and story inn fridays week 89

lovely human oversea, short story slam week 163




2020国庆特别节目]歌曲《复兴的力量》 演唱:殷秀梅阎维文| CCTV - YouTube

Full】任达华、惠英红、童瑶等演艺界人士同奥运冠军马龙献唱《我的祖国》 | CCTV「“中国梦·祖国颂”——2020国庆特别节目」 - YouTube

《“中国梦·祖国颂”——2020国庆特别节目》是中央广播电视总台制作播出的综艺性文艺晚会,由康辉、张蕾、尼格买提、刘涛、姚轶滨、白影担任主持人。 晚会设置了6大主题内容,通过歌舞、杂技、沉浸式讲述等丰富多彩的节目形式致敬抗疫、抗洪英雄,展现脱贫攻坚的伟大成果,传承家国情怀,弘扬中国精神,进一步激励全民,鼓舞人心。

some program is hosted by centain human

and intend to carry some spirits

who servein a group

or who might be interested in a different language

which is what we know,

all program with good musical and inventive technology shall be well received…

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