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November 2015

short story slam week 33: how I find joy in those who support

the sun is out,

Joplin news is loud,

L. K. Wilson fixes plumber problems,

Veterans remind us world peace’s importance,

Freedom is our first friend,

Michelle Charles writes to have her vision extended

Bill Stultz plays with flags and Freddie Paul foods,

Old School Bagel Cafe offers New York alike sandwiches,

Tanner Holman, Charles Danker, Mike Pearson observe Chef of Police day,

Timothy Cole highlights Perkins residence

I love the air,

I love the earth,

I respect Moon,

I dream of firefox on Mars,

I find joy in those who support,

I am thankful for my home, my car, and my opportunity to read, write, and speak.

short story slam week 33, Nov. 12 to December 6, 2015

Bits of Inspiration ~ Capturing Thoughts

Capturing Thoughts


Sunday’s Whirligig 32, Carpe Diem Haiku, and short stroy slam week 32

 Sunday’s Whirligig #32,  CARPE DIEM HAIKU KAI 

if no miracles
then expel desperation or sorrow
green leaves tickle

green leaves tickle
in presence of silicon valley spring
I polish my happiness

Bluebell Books Twitter Club!

Geometric shadows

 Darkness [Friday My Town Shoot Out Link-Up]\

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signs, signs by lesley on comfort


when it comes to signs,

my heart jumps for some cute funnies

a sign speaks in forceful  tone

without a sign one may bump into problem or frown

frankly dear meets mary pear

folks dance around scholastic book affair

i learn from lesley, and i learn from jim

their sign posts offer white house lots of wise eyes

and rules or regulations rock our world

once all agree with comfort theme post

sunday’s whirligig: word writing challenge

happiness means no more
when sorrow transplant the London two bridge
mysterious meets with micacle
dreams overlaps despair
to have a shining future
one shall not twist one’s wrists
giving swagger and noble a flash fiction post
life puts me on polar bear circulars
greetings nurtures landscapes of Greenland
Sabrina and Curt display firefox yoyos
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Poets United Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Tranquility

before I begin to focus on calm sea
I sense intense bitterness, elsewhere
the opposite of tranquility rages war
buoyancy, battle, sweat come to down pour
a goat chews grass, appearing indifferent, at all

Alphabe-Thursday Letter Y: Y is for yahoo news

Alphabe-Thursday Letter Y: yahoo news

news climb on yahoo wall

kara, ann, and marissa wriggle their jaw

jennifer and jerry play a poke card game,

joe, tom, and tuzo focus on baseball game next door

jenny thinks of y as yell,

laura believes Y as yale,

barbara agrees with bogue

sam decides to yawn for red wood yarn

with minds spoken in silence

and words written in Florence,

yahoo news hosts zach johnson

and emma watson, all at once

three words Wednesday

no memory shall be ragged

no threatening is welcome or taken

no scars shall surface


people prefer their own favors

it is normal to ignore unsightly

and move on with calmness


a human can not forgive

when another one determines an act

and refuses to achieve

amazing grace

once there are boys and girls

who are born in poverty

and refuse to give in to the society

but faith, religion, and hope

save their lives

and they feel lucky

to be interviewed by a man

of mercy, and win fame

via the new york times,

and amazing grace

tells us about one’s disadvantages

and how we can overcomes difficulties

and triumph at last

by courage, wisdom, and knowledge

the day when holly bible is written

Christmas night

Moonlit stable

Mary has a baby in delight

he is a lord

he is called Jesus

he is bright

he is our hope

he overcomes plight

he excels at wisdom talk

and heals many from European mountain side

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