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January 2016

Waterfalls around the world

no emotion

but factual confirmation

it is about water falls

around lots of location

i wonder if you ever visit or learn

about Helmcken Falls, Well Gray Provincial Park, Columbia,

or Browntrout calendar, via Penn Square Mall information…


Cascada Del Estrecho, Ordesa Valley, Spain, Pyrenees,

Yasu Waterfall, Ani, Akita, Japan,

Iguazu Falls, Brazil,

Lower Falls, Plitvice Lakes, Croatia,

Vietnam China Border hosts Banyue and Ban Gioc Water Falls


Chamarel Falls, Mauritius,

Niagara Fall, Ontario, Canada,

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe,

Dynjandi Falls, Westford, Iceland,

Angel Falls, Venezuela


how about a water fall in Germany?

check out Stadt Triberg, the highest waterfall?

now we think of the most beautiful waterfall in Italy?

Cascate del Serio, Lombardy, is the tallest waterfall in Italy.

at last, not the final search, we see waterfalls in Greece,

These may include the Ancient Greek Ruins and Meteora. Another extraordinary beautiful place in Greece is Santorini. In addition to all these, Nafplio is the place which will surely surprise you and you will have to make some effort to spare time for visiting the best waterfalls in Greece.




short stroy slam week 37

life is heaven

when wild birds listen

and loose goats behave

a childhood is pure

if the girl spends lots of time

nestling inside a seashell

and picnic

only if the school is over

and the tents are green

Love and Friendship by Emily Bronte

love is like the wild rose-briar.
Friendship like a holly tree.
The holly is dark when the rose-briar blooms
But which will bloom most constantly?

the wild rose-briar is sweet in spring
Its summer blossoms scent the air;
Yet wait till winter comes again
And who will call the wild-briar fair?

Then scorn the silly rose-wreath now
and deck thee with the holly’s sheen;
That when December blights thy brow
He Still may leave thy garland green.

Happy Birthday, 01/02, 48 years of constructive work

Raos,Image result for happy 48 birthday

Image result for wukong

unexpected surprise,

the Qiangjiao Kong and Huiqing Wu feel anew

because on this January 2nd, 1968,

a boy was born

far at Songca Village,

two year old Jialiang Wu takes notice,

how strange that i have a baby brother to enjoy?

a red face,

a curious toddler,

both reside at the home of Yams and Wheat,

the old man names the new baby Jiahong,

wishing that this is an additional hot spot,

maybe he is right.

Jiahong grows up in love light of both parents,

including his grandfather Lifu Wu, external grandfather Hansen Kong,

as Jiahong’s mother bears a third baby,

they name her Ai Hong, which means Love Red,

three siblings,

a parent, a grandfather,

they live, with Xus, Fans, Wangs, Yans, Pengs, Raos, zhangs, Xies relate,

including laterly, Yangs, Pengs, Hes, Yus, Suns, Gaos, Tians, Zhens…


Today Jiahong is 48,

residing USA, enjoying some relaxed freedom in research,

and we wish him a happy birthday,

keep up the excellence in math, humanity, and child rearing

do keep an eye on your sons, Tom Lee and Sheng Hua,

we bet that Jiahong indeed adores Chengs, Wilsons, Woods, Lis,

Louis, Zhus, Dais, Caos, Jius, Yuans, Xis, Hus, Jiangs, and Zhous.

the places Jiahong visit is huge,

he says hello to Hong Kong, Beijing, Qingdao, Yuekou, Zhangang,

Chicago, Princeton, Austin, Nashville, Evenston, Stillwater, San Francisco,

San Jose, San Diego, Little Rock, Fort Smith, Houston, Boston, Perry…



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Ruby Lin
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KISS 108's Jingle Ball
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