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May 2016

outskirts press, a novel way of poetic expression

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ossm 2016 graduation dinner and ossm senior photo showcase by paossm



not to be forgotten,

but to be rooted in memory,

ossm school opens for sweet treats.


a remark from judy wang, a smile from rebecca morris,

a dish of chocolate cake, a plate of fresh salad, and a cup of coffee

all make the dinner party like a real Christmas


Chris Shrock, Amy Loper, Joseph Kingery, Xifan Liu, Sue Dick,

they function and upgrade parents under hotwire Frank Wang,

Bless all small lords, Connie, Nguyen, Ruyu, Gabriel, Benjiamin, Eric, Emily, Tuzo, Wilson


I hear sweet confirmation from Mingrong Rao,

a friend from Rao Chang middle school, a relative to Jim Thorpe,

Thinking  of Keilie Dick, Wei Wang, Chris Wang, Judy Wang, Meng Wang, Mei Zhang, and fifi Adetukobo


OSSM Class of 2016

Andy Abebaw Maddyson Allgood Ann Andrews
Kate Avery Alex Azpeitia Emily Baranski
Julia Bittleston Tamiah Bocock Arachelle Brewer
Albert Cai Jack Cannon Laci Cartmell
Shandel Chang Allen Chen Griffin Daniels
Annie Davis Emily Dial Vy Dinh
Summer Endsley Cameron Grell Mikayla Hensley
Konnor Herbst Mary Kate Higginbotham Josh Hill
David Hofferber Dylan Hughes Philip Hwang
Morgan Johnston Lucas Karinshak Faraz Khan
Andy Kim T-Joe Kingery Ben Laitner
Ben Lee Carter Loomis Ben Loper
Mary Loveless Pedro Lozano-De Aos Rynel Luo
Osamah Mian Benjamin Morales Liddiard Tuzo Mwarumba
Laura Nazworth Gabrielle Nguyen Kelechi Okere
Jackie Pham Tresten Pope Tyler Pumphrey
Austin Rhoadarmer Logan Roy Sierra Sallee
Akshaya Santhanaraj Lakota Sauceda Ben Sell
Yaseen Shurbaji Nadia Sirajuddin Farren Springer
Laura Taylor Mary Thevatheril Senta Wang
Justin Wilford Nate Woo Tina Wu
Tom Lee Wu Willa Xie Charles Zhang


OSSM Class of 2017


Rachel Abraham Ariel Adams Jae Ahn
Michael Anoke Zach Arani Matt Baier
Jake Benge Logan Biggins Matt Blaylock
Paul Braden Kenny Brown Adriana Buller
Joel Bullock Akansha Chandrasekar Drake Chapman
Bing Chen Howie Chen Daniel Cheong
Jake Crampton Emily Crane Joel Curtis
Aidan Dartlon Kellie Dick Annie Dong
Rachael Engelman Neil Espinoza Ritvik Ganguly
Ingrid Gao Mansi Gattani Peyton Green
Seaira Henry Josephine Hriscu Keirah Jefferson
Ian Kennedy Izzi Kienzle Berkley Knowles
Kirtana Kumar Jessika Lasiter Michael Lee
Katie Liebl Ruyu Liu Grace Lu
Pecos McDonald Riley McFarland Nicole Molina
Yannah Morgan John Nguyen Sona Nuguri
Ope Odejimi Jackie Oh Joy Oshomuvwe
Thomas Palmer Amanda Pan Misia Paszkowiak
Sneha Patel Chloe Poindexter Nick Ross
Rosa Sanroman Shane Skinner Jessica Slavick
Hunter Soliday Dessi Stefanova Satyn Steffes
Bertram Su Sarath Sunkar Leah Thompson
Delton Tschida Emily Wang Josh Wester
Grant Westfahl Deyja Williams Maddi Williams
Brooke Wilson Daniel Yao Jessica Yen
Jeremiah Yohannan Abel Zacharia Anet Zacharia
Ann Zacharia Alex Zhang Maggie Zhang
Angela Zhu



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Books by Kellie Elmore

MagicintheBackyard Flat Revision 3Book Blurb: Growing up in a small town, Kellie Elmore learned of love and loss within her humble “backyard” surroundings. Weaving stories inspired by these emotions and the vast nature of the East Tennessee foothills has become her passion. You will feel the enchantment at the center of this collection of prose and poetry as you are completely taken in by the allure of Magic in the Backyard.  [Watch the Trailer]

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 Book Blurb: Poet Kellie Elmore delivers a sharp look inside the human condition with Jagged Little Pieces. Articulately divided into the emotional fragments concerning death, love, depression, and hope, this collection leads the reader through a metamorphosis from a shattered past of heartbreak and loss to a hopeful and inspired present. [Watch the Trailer]

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Book Blurb: Follow Kellie Elmore’s tales of a struggling young writer through her frank, vehemently powerful collection,Candy From Strangers. “Everyone has a story; it’s up to you to tell it.” So our troubled writer is told during an encounter with an old man in a bar who insists she hit the road if she wants to discover something interesting to write. Following his advice she sets out on an adventure to unearth and chronicle the most compelling stories, all brought to life through the faces of strangers. [Watch the Trailer]

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Book Blurb: Lost, lonely, and losing his grip on reality, Elmer Winston searches for an end. As his new social worker, Dani, tries to convince him to believe in hope, Elmer remains mired in regret over a failed marriage and the devastating loss of his best friend, all while desperately struggling to defeat an illness that toys with his mind. When a raging storm awakens Elmer with a traumatic revelation, he is left with a personal battle for survival. Can he weather another storm? Or has his will to fight thoroughly withered?

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rice university 2016 math phdin may, houston, texas

2016 Ph.D Thesis Defenses


Jorge Acosta

Title: Holonomy Limits of Cyclic Opers
Date: Thursday, April 07, 2016
Thesis Advisor: Michael Wolf

Given a Riemann surface X = (Σ, J ) we find an expression for the dominant term for the asymptotics of the holonomy of opers over that Riemann surface corresponding to rays in the Hitchin base of the form (0, 0, · · · , tωn). Moreover, we find an associated equivarient map from the universal cover (Σ˜ , J˜) to the symmetric space SLn(C)/SU(n) and show that limits of these maps tend to a sub-building in the asymptotic cone. That sub-building is explicitly constructed from the local data of ωn.

Natalie Durgin

Title: Geometric Invariant Theory Quotient of the Hilbert Scheme of Six Points on the Projective Plane
Date: Friday, May 29, 2015
Thesis Advisor: Brendan Hassett

We provide an asymptotic stability portrait for the Hilbert scheme of six points on the complex projective plane, and provide a description of
its geometric invariant theory (GIT) quotient.

Quentin Funk

Title:Two Variants on the Plateau Problem
Date: Thursday, March 10, 2016
Thesis Advisor: Robert Hassett

In this thesis, we approach two generalizations to the classical Plateau problem. First, we prove a Homological Plateau problem in the singular setting of semi-algebraic geometry using the tools of geometric measure theory. We obtain similar results to those of Federer and Fleming even in this singular case. Second we generalize the minimal mapping problem solved independantly by Douglas and Rado to so-called “multiple-valued” mapping of the disk. Multiple-valued maps are a cornerstone of the regularity theorems of Almgren and are interesting in their own right for many problems in the geometric calculus of variations. We prove existence and regularity for these Plateau solutions under fairly general conditions and we also produce a class of examples and analyze a degenerate case.


Andy Huang

Title: Handle crushing harmonic maps between surfaces
Date: Thursday, March 24, 2016
Thesis Advisor: Michael Wolf

In this thesis, we construct polynomial growth harmonic maps from once-punctured Riemann surfaces of any finite genus to any even-sided, regular, ideal polygon in the hyperbolic plane. We also establish their uniqueness within a class of exponentially decaying variations. Previously, harmonic maps from the complex plane have been parameterized by holomorphic quadratic differentials. Our harmonic maps, mapping a genus g>1 punctured surface to a k-sided polygon, correspond to meromorphic quadratic differentials with one pole of order (k+2) at the puncture and (4g +k-2) zeros (counting multiplicity) on the Riemann surface domain. As an example, we explore a special case of our theorems: the unique harmonic map from a punctured square torus to an ideal square. We use the symmetries of the map to deduce the three possibilities for its Hopf differential.

Kenan Ince

Title:The untwisting number of a knot
Date: Tuesday, April 12, 2016
Thesis Advisor: Andrew Putman

The unknotting number of a knot is the minimum number of crossings one must change to turn that knot into the unknot. The algebraic unknotting number is the minimum number of crossing changes needed to transform a knot into an Alexander polynomial-one knot. We work with a generalization of unknotting number due to Mathieu-Domergue, which we call the untwisting number. The p-untwisting number is the minimum number (over all diagrams of a knot) of full twists on at most 2p strands of a knot, with half of the strands oriented in each direction, necessary to transform that knot into the unknot. First, we show that the algebraic untwisting number is equal to the algebraic unknotting number. However, we also exhibit several families of knots for which the difference between the unknotting and untwisting numbers is arbitrarily large, even when we only allow twists on a fixed number of strands or fewer. Second, we show that a common route for obstructing low unknotting number, the Montesinos trick, does not generalize to the untwisting number. However, we use a different approach to get conditions on the Heegaard Floer correction terms of the branched double cover of a knot with untwisting number one. This allows us to show that several $10$-crossing knots cannot be unknotted by a single positive or negative generalized crossing change. We also use the Ozsváth-Szabó tau invariant and the Rasmussen s invariant to differentiate between the p- and q-untwisting numbers for certain p and q.

Katherine Vance

Title:Tau invariants of spatial graphs
Date: Wednesday, April 13, 2016
Thesis Advisor: Shelly Harvey

In 2003, Ozsvath and Szabo defined the concordance invariant Tau for knots in oriented 3-manifolds as part of the Heegaard Floer homology package. In 2011, Sarkar gave a combinatorial definition of Tau for knots in S^3 and a combinatorial proof that Tau gives a lower bound for the slice genus of a knot. Recently, Harvey and O’Donnol defined a relatively bigraded combinatorial Heegaard Floer homology theory for transverse spatial graphs in S^3 which extends knot Floer homology. We define a Z-filtered chain complex for balanced spatial graphs whose associated graded chain complex has homology determined by Harvey and O’Donnol’s graph Floer homology. We use this to show that there is a well-defined Tau invariant for balanced spatial graphs generalizing the Tau knot concordance invariant. In particular, this defines a Tau invariant for links in S^3. Using techniques similar to those of Sarkar, we show that our Tau invariant gives an obstruction to a link being slice.


Professional information

Research Interests
B.S., Peking University; Ph.D., University of Chicago, 1996. Nonlinear partial differential equations from fluid mechanics, geophysics, astrophysics and meteorology. Numerical linear Algebra.  He is interested in the analysis, computations and applications of these partial differential equations. One issue he has been working on is whether or not these partial differential equations are globally well-posed.

Research Areas
Nonlinear partial differential equations, mathematical fluid mechanics, numerical computation and analysis

Full Professor


Personal information

Last Name

First name




Pierre-Emmanuel  Jabin
University Professor,
Department of Mathematics
Center for Scientific Computation And Mathematical Modeling, CSCAMM
e-mail :
Phone : (CSCAMM)  301 405 1647
(Math)        301 405 5122
Fax : 301 314 6674

Office hours : Monday and Friday 10-11:30 and by appointment (Fall 2014)
Office : CSCAMM 4117        Math  2307

Mail (CSCAMM) :   CSCAMM, 4149 CSIC Building #406
Paint Branch Drive
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742-3289

Mail (Math) :           Department of Mathematics, Math Building #084
Campus Drive
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742-4015

Various useful links :  The Applied Math RIT webpage in Maryland
The department of Mathematics at Maryland


cohens, the palm tree from henry, constantin, and cox


some pain relievers are wanted
because a confused post cause lots of headaches

I assume good folks are country music hall of fame museum,
singers such as Taylor Swift, Jessica Simpson, Brittany Spears, are smart

I assume Arts and Arts camps are grand,
they nurture a child’s mindset and natural confidence

confidence brings in energy,
a friendly gesture sends a stranger to merry-go-round

for some reason, Santa Clause is gift addicted,
Gary Soto, Jimmy Carter, Nathan Brown, Ann Darr, Maya Angelou, Mother Goose are verse versa rhyming experts

from Ninth grade to twelve grade
Sean Yen, AmELIA Wilson, Eric Wu, Wenjia Xu, Alan Yen, LiSA Storm, Diane Chen, Sandy Wright, Sheng Wu, Benjamin Lanners, Sarah Constantin, Hannah Constantin,

Quartz Mountain resort, Tina Wu, Aaron Fine, Laura Deng, Jessica Yen, Tom Wu join the fun,
Julie Cohen, Ariel Cohen, Louise Cohen, Nancy Hill, Kyle Cooper, RosaliE Weiss, Weiss Chaim, and Ruthann Christie dine

most of the folks write freedom poetry,
many others join as relatives and family members for concert purpose

So we see Sheryl Epstein, Valentin Simonenko, Arthur Socolof, alfred Cohen, Mira Cohen,
Alexander Cohen, Youssef Cohen, Abraham Cohen, Linda Hill, James Linda, Martha Collins, Larry Cooper

and we co-own experiences with Allison Grynberg,  David Bonanzinga, James horner, Annalisa Mancini,
George Lawrence, Charles Mandel, Joan Lane, Nitin pillai, Zoila Monrroy, Diane Cohen, and John Cohen,

Emily’s voice is sweet,
so does Timothy Long, john Clinton, Eric Garcia, Jason Grife

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