some pain relievers are wanted
because a confused post cause lots of headaches

I assume good folks are country music hall of fame museum,
singers such as Taylor Swift, Jessica Simpson, Brittany Spears, are smart

I assume Arts and Arts camps are grand,
they nurture a child’s mindset and natural confidence

confidence brings in energy,
a friendly gesture sends a stranger to merry-go-round

for some reason, Santa Clause is gift addicted,
Gary Soto, Jimmy Carter, Nathan Brown, Ann Darr, Maya Angelou, Mother Goose are verse versa rhyming experts

from Ninth grade to twelve grade
Sean Yen, AmELIA Wilson, Eric Wu, Wenjia Xu, Alan Yen, LiSA Storm, Diane Chen, Sandy Wright, Sheng Wu, Benjamin Lanners, Sarah Constantin, Hannah Constantin,

Quartz Mountain resort, Tina Wu, Aaron Fine, Laura Deng, Jessica Yen, Tom Wu join the fun,
Julie Cohen, Ariel Cohen, Louise Cohen, Nancy Hill, Kyle Cooper, RosaliE Weiss, Weiss Chaim, and Ruthann Christie dine

most of the folks write freedom poetry,
many others join as relatives and family members for concert purpose

So we see Sheryl Epstein, Valentin Simonenko, Arthur Socolof, alfred Cohen, Mira Cohen,
Alexander Cohen, Youssef Cohen, Abraham Cohen, Linda Hill, James Linda, Martha Collins, Larry Cooper

and we co-own experiences with Allison Grynberg,  David Bonanzinga, James horner, Annalisa Mancini,
George Lawrence, Charles Mandel, Joan Lane, Nitin pillai, Zoila Monrroy, Diane Cohen, and John Cohen,

Emily’s voice is sweet,
so does Timothy Long, john Clinton, Eric Garcia, Jason Grife