inspirations from warren buffett, skylar fang, john trump, jema arizona, chris robin, emily flecher, judy gust, frank murphy, lilyn cheekawood, megan barry, and abbey wood


June 2016

neptune, santune, frisco, prouty,watonga, clinton, altus,lawton, and perry

lots of geese wander about

a chance to swim and to eat grass

and lovely children chase to sprout


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how about Days Inn, Regency Inn, and Clarion fromAdam Hutchison, Matt Gibbs, Sunnie Goodwin, and Melissa Kyle

from May 22, to December 25,

from January 2, to October 2,

From March 8, to July 4,

from May 14, to November 13,

from April 1, to September 11,

Things sound good in Maryland, and in the Rancher Club house,

Bryan Close, Julie Teubner, Russ Greenwood,

a ticket to Sydney, and to Frankford sets everything apart.


Asapaho Energy Inc, Hydro, that votes for Darwin Deyo, James Smith, Sherman Bullock,

Love’s fuel, Chickasha, Murphy USA, Carter, Tom and Judy Love do well,

Clinton Public Library, Louis Lady, Jim Carter, Frisco, Santurn, Sam Walton,

Russel Shuenate, Sue Dick, Joe Kingery, Morgan Altus, rue21,

Hurch’s 119, Elk City, Sayre Paper, Elk City Daily News, wow,

Icr, Queza, Chris Vanzant, Meredith Blecha, Neptune 661,

Quartz Mountain Grocery, 22469 Lodge Road, Lone Wolf, 73655


Beyond the Pallet, Madison Wade, Willow, Mangum, Granite, Norman,

Ann’s Country Kitchen, Meer, Lawton, Yale, Jinan, Sirloin Stockade,

Felicia, Alissa, Marissa, Zach, Meet, Kimberly, Julie Cohen, Emily Claude,

William’s, Perkins, Deidra, Ampride Travel Plaza, H. E. Bailey Turnpike,

Axles, Bristow, Tryon, Kum & Go, Aldi, Maghan, Dollar Tree, Lowe’s,

Texas Road house, Olive Garden, Panda Express, Tuesday Morning, Nogoya, Da Vinc’s.

Aspen’s coffee, Belk, Best Buy, Petco’s, Run with It, Subway, Imports, Pro Cuts,

China Wok, Great Wall, Braum’s, Taj, Mr. Pho’s, Hobart, Foss, Burns Flat, Hinton,

Altus, Lawton, Watonga, Kingfisher, Guthrie, Perry, Morrison, Thomas, Deyo, Elgin,

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