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December 2016

characters from Ting Yuan Sheng Sheng, a modern love drama originally written by Chiong Yao

范鸿轩  Fan Hung-hsuan, Fan Hongxuan,

徐乃麟  Hsu Nai-Lin, Xu Nailin,

谷音  Gu Ying

李丽凤  Li Lifeng

刘雪华  Leanne Liu, Liu Xuehua,

秦汉  Chin Han, Qin Han

Born: April 24, 1946 (age 70), Shanghai, China
Spouse: Shao Chiao-Ying (m. 1971–1980)
Qin Han, a world famous leading actor from Asia, spouse, Shao chiaoying,
children, Richard Sun and Shiwen Sun, parents, Long Huazao, Sun Yuanliang,
we hear his name when we grow up, yet barely pause, watch, or listen to his
movie, and we are glad that Lin Qingxia, Liu Xuehua, Gu Ying, Lin Fengjiao,
Fang Zuming, Zhao Yazhi, Ye Tong, Tong Ange, Fei Yuqing, and so on, they come to
our blog and win fame, they are classical artists over recent century..
Image result for Richard Sun
Richard Sun
Image result for Sun Shi-Wen
Sun Yang, Ye Shiwen,
winner of metal from Olympic games
Image result for Sun Shi-Wen
Liu Shiwen
Image result for Brigitte Lin
Image result for The Wild Goose on the Wing
Image result for The Wild Goose on the Wing
Image result for 少林寺
Image result for 少林寺 movie
Liu Dehua, Cui Shan,
《少林寺》(英文:The Shaolin Temple)是1982年上映的一部香港拍摄的中国功夫片,讲叙的是少林寺僧人勇救唐王李世民的故事。导演为香港的张鑫炎,主演是李连杰于海丁岚计春华于承惠
Li Shiming, Zhang Leiyan, Li Nianjie, Yu Yong, Ding Lan, Ji Chunhua, and  Yu Chenghui,
they are characters from Shaolin Shi
导演 张鑫炎
监制 廖一原
制片 梁廣建、陳霖
编剧 薛后
主演 李連杰
配乐 王立平
摄影 刘凤林
剪辑 黃庭

winter in spring embrace

I know nothing

but direct senses

when Frank Wang and Judy Wang orchestra a school of college applicants

the weather is sunny

as usual

we do pay attention to sports,

Dennis Random, Scott Pippen, and Michael Jordan love Phil Jackson

and we do know musicians

When David Brenna and Dan Little aid Chris Shrock, Sue Dick, and Xifan Laurence

we do have fun eating some Thanksgiving tuckys

today is another day

my key board is cold with foreign letters

and my thoughts is frozen with Nashville Indian Bombay /Mumbai meals

the Whole Food store and West Elm, wow,

they sing for Bob Williams and Cory Williams,

Lee Denney, Jim Halligan, James Lankford, Jim Inhofe,

many of the state legislator hesitate

so we know John Nguyen, Linda Neal, Stephan Wilson, and William Jaco

they try hard to mix new blood to old ones

when Robert Myers and Marissa Mayer write down some draft

not giving up Yahoo and Tech Crunch efforts

Thanks to Chuck Reed, Christopher Clark, Robert Noyce, and Edward Lee,

old songs remind Ken Hansen and Jenna Pace hopeful Church music

the chorus is long

Tomonthy Long and Julie Yu remain profound

so does Anne Peters, Emily Claude, Kimberly Henry, and Christina Fallin

short story slam week 57, 58, berkeley bridge and cambridge science

he dreams of ucla

she dreams of ucab

when they meet

they sing high music

a bass player joins,

chris raun wins

a viola practioner

j. d. henneberry wins

if yoyo ma and tom wu never love cello

then amelia wilson and lisa storm shall sit

princeple chairs

and adding wenjia xu and sheng wu

all musicians shall admire


akiko suwakino and malia obama

they have strength in brown university screen plays

and northwestern university chamber music

go, robert hasty and she e wu,

go, henry and leigh bienen

mary block is cool

so does mimi schapiro and thomas mosher

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