I know nothing

but direct senses

when Frank Wang and Judy Wang orchestra a school of college applicants

the weather is sunny

as usual

we do pay attention to sports,

Dennis Random, Scott Pippen, and Michael Jordan love Phil Jackson

and we do know musicians

When David Brenna and Dan Little aid Chris Shrock, Sue Dick, and Xifan Laurence

we do have fun eating some Thanksgiving tuckys

today is another day

my key board is cold with foreign letters

and my thoughts is frozen with Nashville Indian Bombay /Mumbai meals

the Whole Food store and West Elm, wow,

they sing for Bob Williams and Cory Williams,

Lee Denney, Jim Halligan, James Lankford, Jim Inhofe,

many of the state legislator hesitate

so we know John Nguyen, Linda Neal, Stephan Wilson, and William Jaco

they try hard to mix new blood to old ones

when Robert Myers and Marissa Mayer write down some draft

not giving up Yahoo and Tech Crunch efforts

Thanks to Chuck Reed, Christopher Clark, Robert Noyce, and Edward Lee,

old songs remind Ken Hansen and Jenna Pace hopeful Church music

the chorus is long

Tomonthy Long and Julie Yu remain profound

so does Anne Peters, Emily Claude, Kimberly Henry, and Christina Fallin