inspirations from warren buffett, skylar fang, john trump, jema arizona, chris robin, emily flecher, judy gust, frank murphy, lilyn cheekawood, megan barry, and abbey wood


April 2017

short story slam week 67, residential, and confidence

Image result for snowpea   Snowpea  Beancurd Hansen roots
Howard Johnson may not know it,
His poetic wit impress Susan Thomas,
especially when Lara Udovich and Bonnie Buonomo agree,
they cut through fenceless Snowpea Fields,
putting their heads up for quiet swallows
letting go of stained memory
of wronged potatoes,
believing in their peers such as Gloria Short, James Wilson,
nothing promises
but our own faith
under the invisible sky
of nature, confidence,
and self-worthiness

sarah kemp, anna kemp, sarah ogilvie, and jennifer ferguson artistic work and cartoons

cute pruple or pink

sara, haas, curt, andy, minn, derek, tina, and kathy all wink

they golf around saturn

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Image result for sara kemp  joy dunlop

Image result for sara kemp

Image result for sara kemp

Image result for sara kemp

Image result for sara kemp


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poetry rally week 84, payne county garden blackwoods

Thursday Poets Rally Week 84 speical, 30 poems in 30 days April nutrition/Wellness/freedom/openheart/illistration March (read, post, share and laugh)


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Image result for eggplants  eggplants

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white eggplants


pale face hide under eggplant trees

green and yellow shade love, head and shoulder,

Audie Leon and James Cowan won’t worry

about tomorrow’s meals

conocco fuel

Aveeno lution

Les Miles and Janet Miles type of taste

in both shampoo and conditioners

wooing Pantene, Carpri, Reach, Crest, Colgate, Blackhawk, Yardley, Dove, Zest, Safeguard, etc.

all to well of Erika Stephen,

lovely Emily Sophiedun and Frank Shengbutow,

they toss poetry as if it is their blond hair pins

murmuring Hefty zipperbags and GK snacks mixed nutts,

Theresa Burke join Deborah Guan for Wendy’s burger,

what a lovely time Wendy and Beryl have spent

over Larry and Lucinda’s dining hall,

so, from a to z, we persist and say:

Alissa, Alicia, Alan, Aidan, Alice, Amy, AAron, Alex, Annie, Ann, Ashe, Anna, Annapolis,

Bret, Brown, Barron, Boston, Barack, Barbara, Bill, Bruce, Bus, Burns, Bart, Biden, Brin,

Cori, Cole, Chad, Chelsea, Chapman, clancy, Chance, Cherry, Church, Chuck, Capri, California,

Daniel, Drew, Derek, Dorothy, Dora, Duncan, Dunham, Dot, Deborah, Deby, Douglas, Dillard,

Evanston, Emily, Emma, Esthan, Eden, Edward, Edmond, Einstein, Engler, England,

Fairfield inn, FedEx, Fine, Fredrick, Frank, Frankford, Fox, Futton, Fuji, Fanny,

Gerald, Google, Gosney, Gordon, Gham, greyham, Gunderson, Garcia, Gloria, Glass,

Henry, Harris, Harrison, Hinton, Hilton, Houston, Hudson, Hargis, Handyman, Hwang


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