ziqun ye from university of washington, seattle

Brandon Brinkman, u of washington, seattle


a ticket to Seattle

we see Chevron gas stop rising,

P. J. Coffee near,

Not to mention Loyola, Tulane, and Xavier University,

when our vision encounters Lusher, Devin,

we notice Joe Merick, Ana Freret, Terpscishore Sundan, Prytania Charles,

Cabra Hall, Arabell Perrier rings,

a few faculty watches Foortball games,

believing in Atrium Lucky dogs,

Kevin Chappell, Mary Williams Walsh, Lavin Bernick, Donald Halty, Phelps Irby gather,

printing Baton Rouge, Josef Seibe, Lindy Claiborne Boggs, wow.

on our way to Flower hall, Gibson Hall, Richardson Hall,

we see rental car brands, Alamo, National, Shell, Nola, RaceTrac, Jefferson Autoplex,

Ni45AN, Pelican gas, Waldo street, Sequola, Keystone Motel, Wendy’s,

a drive to Nashville and Broadway leads us further into the scene,

Bryan Used Cars seems occupying large portion of locale car trades,

Jim Owens Flooring cabinets, wow

Wilker Neal street, Tobacco street, Subaru, Bent’s, N. Howard, Canes, Davita Dialysis,

all give us big eyes,

now we wrap up our information sheet with Save A Lot Shopping,

Don’s Drug, J. Parrish, Jim Henson, Budweister beer, Coor beer,

Delgade Texaci gas..all interesting