holly douglas, also called sometimes
jane doughty
marble slab ice cream
cafe 88, an oriental food shop
 Image result for omaha, NE  a lovely city
Image result for secaucus, new jersey
a store located at Rochester, New york state
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secaucus, new jersey,
evelyn wilson minds her baby,
who was born november 14, 2016,
a toddler meets paisley and sam today
michaels shop is resting
they refuse to produce jolly and jilly cans
but, omaha is crowded
when Marble Slab, Cafe 88, Subway all vote for judy blume
jane doughty writes books
laura ingalls wilder relates to Martha, Tucker, Lewis, Lydia, Tom, Charlotte, Mary,
they tend their crops and write their young adult hoods
they fame Peter, Rosa, Almanzo, Grace, Charles, Frederick, Carrie, Eliza, Henry, Joseph,
when all readers gather and read shelley noble,
they know about Wyatt, Bernice, Shedrick, Laynie, Baylee, Leah, Kim, Abbey, Amelia,
they also include Jeff, Mackenzie, Kelly, Kristen, Stephan, Kathleen, Aime, Sammy,
never mind the worry of Gerald, Paula, Sam, Michelle, Emily, Julie, Alicia, Mimi, Alissa, Matt, Rachel, Shannon, Arzela, Saint Francis, Saint Abilene, saint morton, and saint Alan