inspirations from warren buffett, skylar fang, john trump, jema arizona, chris robin, emily flecher, judy gust, frank murphy, lilyn cheekawood, megan barry, and abbey wood



shadow shot sunday 2, short story slam week 78, poetry and story inn fridays week 10

dark night
rains fright
holy spirit
desired guide
if you travel to Dallas, Los Angeles,
you may find a traveler’s booklet,
Tom Bradley is a good Angel,
so does Loyola  Lady Fatima
sheng wu,
he sees some potential in john wong
jiahong wu,
he seems okay with david wright

poetry and story inn fridays week 7


according to Tulane hullabaloo,

Newcomb adds digital archives to document

LGBTQ + history,

which seems very interesting to Margaux Armfield

the weather forecast is tough today

there is a snow and rain going on

it is best that we enjoy our umbrella and winter sweaters

while walking

watchful for traffic lights and icy or slippery roads

Clarion Herald and its colorful roots

It sits,

in a corner



a few

loyola students

walking by



Tom Benson Jesuit chorese

why ?


James Ramos, Christine Bordelon, Edward Daniels, Ron Brocato, Beth Donze

all mind what we post



short story slam week 75, poetry and story inn fridays week 5

Image result for halloween costumes
one single expression
none knows who is who
we are all in Heaven

lovely ayala

why hesitate?

because she rocks too well to get down

poetry and story inn fridays week 4, short story slam week 75

it is about freedom

it is about free will

it is about faces of maya

it is about loyno magazine

when we encounter some difficult

we say “cheese”

we feel pink and green grace

praise Joseph Butt, James Edgar, Louise Monroe, Louise Russell, John Nicklow


poetry and story inn fridays week 3


Main Campus
4501 N. Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21210
410-617-2000 or 1-800-221-9107

Timonium Graduate Center
2034 Greenspring Drive
Timonium, MD 21093

Columbia Graduate Center
8890 McGaw Road
Columbia, MD 21045



stephenson yapjigwood

ukes java 39

6704 NW 39th Expwy

115 E. Vandament

Yukon, Ok 73099


Larry Trunk

Amey Frence

Ochsner Baptist

Magnolia Building

2626 Napoleon

New Orleans, LA 70120

faculty_hr loyola schapiro loyola university staff

annapolis  maryland campus is awesome

jerry yang and yahoo



poetry and story fridays week 1

a small lizard

running cross the sidewalk

making Chuck Benyamrufsz wonder

how strong a life could be


upon reaching Soniat / St. Charles corner

a black man actually sits

quietly, without being angry

without being sad about ending up in street, not getting published


paisley, emily, sam, joseph, mary, christina, amelia, london, san, amy,

they all brave out their way to New Haven

yale university and university of florida are awesome in Gainsville

eaching behind us is the lost spirits who opt to mind weeds from Christian church


short story slam week 73, 72

holly douglas, also called sometimes
jane doughty
marble slab ice cream
cafe 88, an oriental food shop
 Image result for omaha, NE  a lovely city
Image result for secaucus, new jersey
a store located at Rochester, New york state
Image result for secaucus, new jersey
secaucus, new jersey,
evelyn wilson minds her baby,
who was born november 14, 2016,
a toddler meets paisley and sam today
michaels shop is resting
they refuse to produce jolly and jilly cans
but, omaha is crowded
when Marble Slab, Cafe 88, Subway all vote for judy blume
jane doughty writes books
laura ingalls wilder relates to Martha, Tucker, Lewis, Lydia, Tom, Charlotte, Mary,
they tend their crops and write their young adult hoods
they fame Peter, Rosa, Almanzo, Grace, Charles, Frederick, Carrie, Eliza, Henry, Joseph,
when all readers gather and read shelley noble,
they know about Wyatt, Bernice, Shedrick, Laynie, Baylee, Leah, Kim, Abbey, Amelia,
they also include Jeff, Mackenzie, Kelly, Kristen, Stephan, Kathleen, Aime, Sammy,
never mind the worry of Gerald, Paula, Sam, Michelle, Emily, Julie, Alicia, Mimi, Alissa, Matt, Rachel, Shannon, Arzela, Saint Francis, Saint Abilene, saint morton, and saint Alan

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